Question 4. How does Cloud Computing or a VPS server help my business?

Cloud computing and VPS servers have many advantages over In-House servers, but it must be looked at in terms of costs, maintenance, security and other variables. These products are housed in extremely secure data centres around the country. Clean,  secure, data friendly same from damage, fire and untoward access. To provide these environments in-house is prohibitive and costly. You don’t pay for electricity when using a VPS or dedicated server, the costs are included in your monthly access fees. You don’t purchase equipment on a VPS server, you can upgrade resources within your monthly fees, budget and business requirements and this is done remotely by the administrator on a remote console. Need more space, memory, data capacity, users, merely login , increase the resources and the monthly fee is raised. Downgrade in the same way. It is difficult and costly if you wish to increase performance on an in-house server but VPS servers are configured in minutes. You pay for what you use.