Quality standards

Industry standards are here to protect all of us, we follow and provide feedback in relation to equipment conformity. We follow best practices and advise in relation to this. Here at Tech Doctors we wish to provide the best possible service and solution for you the customer. We also firmly believe that "If" the initial investment is the one and only thing a person has ever complained about, that person actually got a great deal. Thats not to say our service, parts and computer costs are exuberant. 

Why choose us?


Professional, Quality Products, Affordable, Dependable services at competitive prices. We offer this with pleasure. We love what we do. 


We pride ourselves with providing the best in a timely fashion to ensure the least impact on your business. We can arrange scheduled visits, plan ahead and if you are on a maintenance contract we monitor for failures, issues and disruptions which could otherwise impact much more heavily. Have a computer fail and need one to get up and going? Tech Doctors can provide you with a pc to work with in most cases while we attend to the one at hand. We make the downtime as short as can be. 

Our Technicians are qualified and have had lengthy experience in the industry, know how to solve and repair the problems faced. Can do this effectively and efficiently. Procedures are followed so as not overlook smaller details and our record of this is good.

We welcome enquiries and discussions, see for your self. 

Product Knowledge & Experience


Industry knowledge means you don't wait for a tech to work it out, we've been there, done it, thousands of times and we "Can" give you the best advice and service at a fraction of the cost and timeframe. Need help with Quote Plus, Quotimation, Autoquote, Amwin, Oasis, Pnet, Parts Check, Estimage, MYOB, Quickbooks, Money Works, Wagez for Windows, Microsoft Office , (all Versions) Microsoft Windows (All Versions) Mac Os in your Business, ( All Versions) We deal with these companies and resolve issues for clients every day for clients.

Going away and want to connect remotely to your business? Sure you "Can" Speak with us and we will inform you as to how we can make this happen for you. Product Knowledge & Experience